Corporate Event Photographer in Las Vegas

Consider your search for a corporate event photographer in Las Vegas over. At Las Vegas Photo and Video we understand the importance of capturing key moments at events, and specialize in corporate event and trade show photography in Las Vegas. Our experienced, fully-insured team of photographers have served the Las Vegas area for over 20… Read more »

Amateur Hour: Lens Cap Faux Pas

Nothing is more heartbreaking or embarrassing than taking tons of pictures, only to find out you had the lens cap on the entire time. All your hard work of getting quality poses and lighting have turned into 100 photos of nothing but darkness. Leaving the lens cap on is an amateur mistake that can easily… Read more »

Not Everyone is a Photographer

Not everyone is a photographer. Sure you can take photos with your smart phone, but if they come out blurry and unrecognizable, what’s the point? <img class=" size-full wp-image-488" title="still" src="http://vegasphotoandvideo view publisher” alt=”stillshot” width=”600″ height=”400″ /> A picture is worth a thousand words, stop taking fuzzy photos that are only worth a couple… Read more »

Photography in the 21st Century: iPhone Photographers

Can you imagine a world without smart phones? We’ve lived with the phone/camera/flashlight/gaming devices for so long, it’s hard to remember a time where concerts weren’t flooded with bright LED screens you can try this out. The children of today will only know of a life of digital photography, never getting a chance to experience… Read more »

Photograph Memories: Disposable Cameras

Remember when photography meant taking a picture and seeing the photo only after it had been developed? Remember having to wind up your camera and “click, click, click” after each and every photo? With the growth of digital photography, cameras with actual film have become artifacts of a time long ago. But are we, and… Read more »

How to Look Your Best When Being Photographed

A photo is always said to be worth a thousand words. Facial characteristics, body position, and clothing selection are all attributes of a good photo that can provide the best depiction of a person. If you are in need photos or head shots for work or industry purposes, we suggest following these four tips on… Read more »

Corporate Event Tips: What Your Videographer Should Film

Corporate photography and videography requires thinking about how to collect images and sound bites that provide future viewers with the most comprehensive information possible. At Las Vegas Photo and Video we have some tips for getting the best shots at a corporate event. Key Speakers Focus on shots of leaders of the demonstration or event…. Read more »

Trade Show Photography: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Taking photos for trade shows is completely different than the pictures you take with your family on vacation. Here are five tips that will enhance your trade show photography sildenafil citrate 100mg. 1) Get There Early The fewer people there are, the more shots of the venue and surrounding areas you’ll be able to take…. Read more »

The Secret to Amazing Event Photos: What Every Event Planner Should Know

Hiring corporate event photography in Las Vegas? We at Las Vegas Photo and Video believe in providing the highest quality service available. That’s why we love sharing tips for amazing event photos–tips every event planner should know! Tip #1: Create a Narrative Quality event photography should create a story or narrative, whether the event is… Read more »