How to Look Your Best When Being Photographed

A photo is always said to be worth a thousand words. Facial characteristics, body position, and clothing selection are all attributes of a good photo that can provide the best depiction of a person. If you are in need photos or head shots for work or industry purposes, we suggest following these four tips on how to look your best when being photographed.

woman's head shot
  1. Avoid looking directly at the camera or facing the camera straight on. For men, tilting the head back slightly offers a more attractive look. For women, it helps to tilt the head forward to get the best angle.

  2. Make sure you know how to smile. Practice smiling by looking in a mirror. The more comfortable you feel releasing your pearly whites, the easier it will be to smile for a photographer. Having a natural smile will pleasantly compliment your appearance.

  3. Know your good side. Yes, we all have a “good” side. The symmetry of one’s face may vary from one side to the other. If you feel that both sides match well, a haircut can determine the better side. For women with side swept bangs, it’s better to be faced at the same angle as the bangs set because it gives a fuller, more chic look.

  4. Pick a smart wardrobe. Color plays an important role in the overall representation of a photo. Patterns can be risky and distort your physical attributes. Horizontal stripes make people appear wider, while vertical stripes appear taller. However, in formal, sitting positions, it’s better to avoid these patterns. Solids and neutrals may seem plain and unoriginal, but staying away from potential distractions will keep the professionalism of the photo in tact.

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Main photo by chad rogers