Las Vegas Convention Photographers at work at Las Vegas Tradeshows!

Las Vegas Photo and Video has been busy in 2012 photographing convention tradeshows….which is no surprise as Vegas is the tradeshow capital of the world! Capturing all the tradeshow images from the booth set up, the booth action in full swing to an interactive photography expereince right in the booth with the attendees! Our team of Las Vegas convention photographers makes it easy to capture “the gold” at the your tradeshow booth.

Capturing the images at a Las Vegas Tradeshow provides a great marketing tool to keep in touch with your attendees. Las Vegas Photo and Video is a team of full time professional convention photographers who are skilled to interact in a postive and professional way with the tradeshow attendees and take their photo with a green screen or special backdrop and add your logo to the photo while printing on site right in the booth! We can scan the attendees badge if provided and email the photos to them directly for you!

Keeping the attendees in your booth and learning more about your product is one of the most important reasons to have a booth at a tradeshow and we all know that tradeshows booth are expensive to put together. Using photography as a tool to draw attention to your booth and keep them interacting in order to network, learn and exchange information is easy and affordable! Las Vegas Photo and Video has over 16 years of tradeshow and exhibit photography experience right here in the tradeshow capital of the world…Las Vegas!

Keep the marketing legs of your tradeshow booth running on with photgrpahy…emailing the photos to the attendees who stopped by your booth gives you one more chance to get in front of your customer with your maketing message and contract information. It is also a great way to boost attendance at your convention for future years! The Expo or Tradeshow experience is one of the top reasons attendees come to a convention…photography can show them what they can’t miss!!