Las Vegas Photographers take group photos for award winners, sales teams, and Board of Directors at Las Vegas conventions.

Las Vegas Photo and Video is a group of full time photographers and videographers who collectively have over 100 years of professional experience! So when you gather your company’s shining stars together at your annual convention you can trust Las Vegas Photo and Video to take digital images of your group that are the quality you deserve. All of our work is high resolution and each client receives a disc with the high res image and all rights to reproduction within 3-5 days after the shoot.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a group shot of your sales teams, regional divisions, Board of Directors and award winners! Sometimes an annual convention is the only time of the year everyone is gathered in the same city…under one roof. Take advantage of this opportunity to update your Board of Directors photos. Images perfect for newsletters, websites, and industry magazines.

It is so important to recognize your employees for their hard work!  When you hire a photographer to capture a photo of the award winners or for the sales team you are sending a message that they are important to the company and you appreciate their hard work. A photo can be shared with their families, colleagues and hang in their office for years to come reminding them of their success! Print on site for immediate gratification! Add the company logo for brand awareness.

Group photos are great for team building events. Whether you gather your group at a golf course, race car track or zip line a group photo will always remind them of your convention, what it meant to them and that you can work and have fun!

At your next Las Vegas Convention hire a professional photographer to take photos that capture the magic of your meeting and can be used on your website, company newsletter and the corporate headquarters “wall of fame!”