Green Screen Imaging

Unlimited Options

Green screen imaging

Green screen imaging allows you to transport your guests into another world - any world! Virtually any background is possible. Whatever the theme of your event, we can provide a background. Logos / branding on the photographs is available at no extra charge.

Onsite Printing

photos for party guests

Wouldn't you love to your guests leave your event with a tangible souvenir of their experience? Especially creative green screen imaging photos. Onsite printing is the way to do this. The highest quality photo weight dye-sub prints can be produced in seconds. They are printed dry, in multiple sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 or 8x10. (Our Pro Open Air Photo Booth can also produce 2x6 photo strips if that's what you would like!) If you host the images on a web site, research has shown that very few people actually visit the site to get their images. Go for the user friendly experience, a personalized branded gift for your guests to take home!

Pro Open Air Photo Booth

photo booth

The Pro Open Air Photo Booth is manned by a pro photographer and produces high quality photo-weight "dye-sub" prints in a matter of seconds! Great for group shots and green screen imaging photos. We can upload your images for social media / sharing as soon as the photo is taken via text or email. We deliver the photos in clear plastic sleeves or deluxe photo folders, depending upon the print size. Although our booth can produce 2x6 photo strips, we suggest 4x6 prints, (large enough to be a good souvenir photo, room for your branding, and they are relatively inexpensive).