Pro Open-Air Photo Booth

Photo Booth Samples

photo booth space themed green screen

Why have a photo booth? Any background is possible with our Pro Open Air Photo Booth! Whatever the theme of your event, we can provide a background. Green Screen backdrop and logo / branding on the photographs is available at no extra charge.

Our Photo Booths

green screen photo-booth girls fun green screen

The Pro Open Air Photo Booth is manned by a pro photographer and produces high quality photo-weight "dye-sub" prints in a matter of seconds! We can upload your images for social media / sharing as soon as the photo is taken via text or email. We deliver the photos in clear plastic sleeves or deluxe photo folders, depending upon the print size. Although our booth can produce 2x6 photo strips, 4x6 prints, 5x7 prints or eaven 8x10 prints, we suggest 4x6 prints, (large enough to be a good souvenir photo, there is room for your branding, and they are relatively inexpensive).

Video Booth

video booth

Our Pro Open Air Video Booth is, like the photo-booth, manned by a professional, this time a videographer. We do this to maintain the highest quality standards. The guest can see themselves as they are recording their video clip, and they can replay it to see and hear what they recorded. If they don't like it we can go again! This a low cost and non-intimidating way to get quick client testimonials or comments, without the cost and equipment of a full video production.