The Secret to Amazing Event Photos: What Every Event Planner Should Know

Hiring corporate event photography in Las Vegas? We at Las Vegas Photo and Video believe in providing the highest quality service available. That’s why we love sharing tips for amazing event photos–tips every event planner should know!

Tip #1: Create a Narrative

Quality event photography should create a story or narrative, whether the event is social or corporate-branded. From the entrance to the party to other event details, photos should capture a mood, personality, or branded message your business or client wants to convey. Every event is going to have a beginning, middle, and end; so look to photograph the event’s complete story.


Start with the empty venue; then photograph guests as they arrive. Capture everything at full scale, which can include setting your camera on burst mode to shoot as many photos as possible at the height of the event. Shoot the main action, as well as the reaction of the audience. Reaction shots are especially great for showing the emotion of the event. Don’t forget to pack a lot of memory cards.

Tip #2: Great Photography Requires Planning

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on taking photos or are hiring a professional. Making a list of the people, moments, and other things you want captured is essential to ensure you have all the photos you want when the event ends. Guest speakers smiling as they walk to the stage, the first kiss between the bride and groom…planning is key!


<a href="http://vegasphotoandvideo buy viagra”>planned photo shot

Tip #3: Document the Event Space Before Guests Arrive

Before the guests arrive, photograph every aspect of the event space you want documented. After all, this is the only time everything will be pristine and otherwise untouched! Photograph centerpieces, food, desserts, other décor, invites, party favors, and anything else that shows all the hard work you put into the event.

Tip #4: Go For Candid Photos, Not Staged Shots

Forget lining guests up and photographing clearly staged shots. People love candid photos that capture the mood of the event and other special moments.


man and woman dancing at event




MSU and UM fans

Tip #5: Get Established Shots

If photographing a large event, it is necessary to shoot images that provide the audience with the overall feel and theme of the event. This is especially important if shooting an event outdoors.


established shot image

6) Don’t Be Afraid of Close-Ups

As important as it is to capture the event and groups of people, it is just as important to shoot close-ups. Look for faces and facial expressions that communicate the emotion of the event.


close-up photography of happy woman




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