Who knew Santa Plays Pool? We have Photo evidence from Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Photo and Video took a photo of Santa and Mrs. Claus with their elves at American Pool Players Association, National Team Championships at The Riviera Hotel and Casino this week right here in Las Vegas! They must have been taking time off from making toys to enjoy the excitement of the world’s largest amateur pool league and test their pool playing skills for a chance to win $25,000!

Las Vegas Photo and Video is the official photography company for American Pool Players Association. The $1,000,000 National Team Championships, held annually at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, brings in thousands of pool players from the USA, Canada and Japan. Our photography team based right here in Las Vegas photographs the 10 day event providing team and action shots. Photos are taken for the Open 8 Ball, Ladies 8 Ball, Open 9 Ball and the Wheel Chair Challenge…just to name a few. The team of photographers have the experience and the expertise to capture that perfect action shot, post and print on site. It is a 13 hour a day operation and one that needs to be handled by true professionals!

Las Vegas Photo and Video consists of a group of full time photographers and videographers. We have the staff and the equipment to take care of a job this large and most importantly the professionalism which is why we are the official photography company for this tournament and the National Singles Championships which take place every year in April right here in Las Vegas.

Jim Oberg, Operations Manager for Las Vegas Photo and Video, manages the team of photographs, sales and take photos himself for the tournament finals. “It is an exciting event for us and for Vegas! For some of the pool players this is their first visit to Las Vegas and they are thrilled with the event and that they can go home with a great souvenir photo! Many of the teams are ordering their team photos to hang in their pool hall at home. We make taking and printing thousands of photos over the course of 10 days look easy!”

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